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Andrej Kuklin
Date of birth: 05.06.1981
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Rhoenweg 7,
66113 Saarbruecken, Germany
Telefon: +49 151 57355520
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1. Implementation of multithreaded shell sorting. The project is made in Borland C++ Builder 5.01.

2. Project on solution of integral-differential equation using regularization by Legendre polynomials. Solution is found by method of sequential approximations. Definite integrals are computed by trapezoid method. The project is made in MS Visual C++ 6.0. Archive also includes theoretical information about integral-differential equations and explanation of solution of my specific equation.

3. Simple text editor. Written in Java.
Older version (Jbuilder 2),
Newer version (Jbuilder 3)

4. Database framework developed for university's registrar office, made in Access 2000.

5. Project on Artificial Intelligence. Inference engine for an expert system. Small knowledge base for testing purposes (couple dozens of rules) for helping in diagnosing and repairing of computers included. Written in Visual Prolog 5.2.
Download source-code (.pro files, ASCII format)

6. Text strategy game. Approximately 1000 lines of code. Written in Visual Prolog 5.2.
Download source-code (.pro files, ASCII format)

7. Functionally similar game strategy implemented in CLIPS 6.21. To run this program you need a CLIPS 6.21 interpreter that can be downloaded from developers' site
Download source-code

8. Implementation of a linked list data structure in Visual Basic 6.0
Download source-code
Download executable version

9. Identification of CPU characteristics. This utility prints out and writes to a file ID, family name, stepping, vendor name and other useful information about your CPU. Created in team with Anton Kaljuzhin. Written in Borland TASM
Download source code

10. Is it possible to print out numbers from 1 to 15 not using iteration or any kind of condition statements in C++ (statements are considered conditional if they can be rewritten by 'if' statement (?, switch etc))? This tiny program shows that it is possible. Created in MS Visual C++ 6.0.
Download source code

11. This pack of utilities created in MS Visual C++ 6.0 (for the most part in inline assembly) consists of two parts: first part reads CPU ID number, encrypts it and writes to a file. Second part reads the CPU ID from the file and checks whether it is the same as CPU ID on this computer
Download CPUID utilities

If you are looking for materials about 1C: Enterprise, they are on the russian version of the site

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